Client: Activa Mútua
Type of event: Implementation of strategic plan
Participants: 30 people, managers
Location: Reus
PROJECT CONDUCTED We organised activities in the classroom integrated in the training sessions, such as an activity with Lego pieces. We proposed ideas to be conducted outdoors in order to motivate participants and prevent them from only being in the classroom, all the while adhering to the framework of the strategic plan. In this case, we used technology and geolocation with iPads to achieve our objectives. Lastly, we proposed more traditional team building activities like “tennis balls” and “toxic waste” containing elements of the training. The result: two inspiring days with very positive feedback. It was thus possible to facilitate implementation of the strategic plan.
We combined technology and geolocation with iPads with analogue team building activities to achieve our goals in the GEMBA.
INITIAL BRIEFING We first defined the strategic plan and then worked on it with the executives. Now the company wanted to communicate it to the managers so that they subsequently discussed it with all corporate levels. They asked us to combine two days of content in the classroom with activities adapted to and designed for the set objectives. This kind of activity is a good example of our consulting programmes, which are made to measure with specialised companies.