Experiences as a vehicle to maximise corporate values are at the same time a strategic tool for companies. They serve to disseminate, implement, work on and communicate the corporate values of companies.

They also motivate employees to increase their productivity.

rodones_eng Method
01. – Strengthen teams – Transmit corporate values (strategic tool for the organisation)- Foster the personal involvement of employees in the company.
02. – Make employees feel l ike they are part of the organization – Contribute their value as a person -Learn first-hand the tools to be used in their Jobs
recorregut-750x1172_ENGLISH Method


With our experience and the information provided by clients, we are able to define specific objectives in order to determine the basic outline of our proposal


Every event is the result of a rigorous and shared creative process. The client is always the focal point, and the company’s values are expressed through a story.


Assessment of the event and of the achievement of initially defined objectives.