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Teams coaching

Teams coaching and relational systems is another way to work training and team development

 In team coaching, the relationship that forms between team members working. In the individual coaching, focus or target is the individual. In team coaching, focus, is the relationship established between individuals.

Benefits of coaching equipment or systems:

The development of a strong sense of team spirit, which will improve the organizational culture, involvement, productivity and retention of talent.
Increased interdepartmental cooperation by reducing the “silos”.
• The empowerment of people to be naturally creative and able to find solutions themselves.
The increase of relations and communication, minimizing misunderstandings and mistrust.
The development of conflict resolution skills , that will facilitate a quick solution thereof and an increased focus on results.
Increased appreciation and respect for the perspectives of each of the team members.
• The encouragement of creativity in the team and the organization.
Minimizing the negative impact on organizational change, allowing listening to all the voices of the system.
The revelation of the system itself for self..

Coaching equips_lapica

It is a very powerful tool for making awareness to team development. It relies on the creativity and problem solving team or the organization as a whole.

In this sense, an aligned team will find easier solutions and actions that must be implemented to address a crisis situation more effectively, while it is based on a strong relationship between its members, communication, trust and collaboration which, in turn, will impact positively on the performance and results of the team itself.

In Lapica Companies analyse the situation and the time development teams to provide personalized way, the best and most advanced solutions.