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Outdoor Training Seminars

Survival Adventure
Activity for personal and group growth revolving around adventure activities in an urban or natural setting.
Teamwork Programmes
Our programmes focus on four areas: team creation; strategic alignment and change management in this team; team improvement and intensification; and the team as an additional aspect of staff recruitment.
The array of skills we work on include leadership, communication, creativity, goal sharing, commitment, planning and strategy, problem solving on the ground, group perception, self-image, decision-making, task assignment, resource use, honesty and respect, attitude toward learning, mutual support, and sense of belonging.
Leadership Programmes
Specific leadership programmes can be individual or group programmes and are directed at people who are new to project and team management, people who have been leading people for years and need new tools to continue leading successfully, people who will soon become team leaders, or people who want to develop this skill.

Companies in Training
We organise and plan the training for your team of people to prepare for the sports or physical challenge you propose. We have an extensive and motivating array of challenges.
OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) Awareness Sessions
We develop innovative educational activities focused on the particular OHS of your organisation in order to raise your teams’ awareness of this issue.
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Programmes
We adapt and propose CSR projects suited to the needs of your organisation. Because of the nature of our company, we like proposing projects related to environmental sustainability, although we have a range of possibilities.